High Class & Top Rated Spa in Greater Kailash 2


Zyur Thai Spa located at m-block market, GK-2 is one of the premier spa in terms of ambiance, decor, and hygiene.

It is located on the exit lane of the market above Mini-Mughal restaurant.

It's located on the second floor there is an elevator on the back lane of the market which opens directly in the spa.

According to who spa is a place devoted to the overall well-being of a person through a variety of professional services which encourages the renewal of mind, body and soul.

True to this Zyur Thai Spa provides a variety of therapies like body massages, body polishes, body wraps, ayurvedic therapy, facials, Hamam, sauna, and steam.

The Spa consists of 6 multi-therapy rooms with distinct interiors. Every spa room is equipped with steam and hot shower. The spa also has Hamam room and sauna facility.

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Zyur thai spa located in the heart of south delhi at the most prestigious GK-2, M block market is one of the best spa in south delhi whichs caters to all kinds of spa therapies like body massages, body ploishes, body wraps, facials, head and foot massages the spa has 9 multi-therapy

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Best spa in gk2, experience was really awesome in affordable Price better services they provide relaxing session with taking care of hygiene and all by Zyur Thai Spa.

Rahul kumar

Took a swedish massage yesterday was much better than any of my previous experience ,highly recommended place

Ashish Kumar

Great spa, clean place. We went for a couple massage & it was really relaxing & rejuvenating. Shall definitely visit again 👍 …

Vipin Khanna

Great spa , Great ambience , Good decor If u are looking for a genuine spa experience then please visit Ayur thai Spa at M block Market in GK -2

Anu Mizi

The experience was good , all the massages are therapy start with a foot ritual which really destresses u and prepares u for the session , should say one of the very good spa in GK 2 , M block market

Pema Choedon